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CJK Group Announces Minimum Wage Increase to $15 per Hour for U.S. Workers

Brainerd, MN – CJK Group, Inc. has announced that it has permanently raised the starting hourly wage to $15 for U.S. workers. The wage increase is a welcomed benefit to current employees as well as strengthening opportunities to attract new hires. The current labor shortage in America and the company’s tenacity to be an employer of … Read more

Paper Rolls

Paper Prices Are on the Rise. Here’s What’s Going On.

There has been a profusion of paper industry news in 2021 and printers and publishers alike are dealing with the impact. Mill closures continue, as do mergers, acquisitions, and mills shifting focus to produce packaging materials. Production capacity is diminishing. Raw materials (pulp, chemicals), fuel and energy, and transportation costs are experiencing double- and in some cases triple-digit increases. The effects of the pandemic and inflation are contributing factors as well.   Supply … Read more

Keep on Trucking

Keep on Truckin’… Now, More Than Ever

Even before the global pandemic affected pretty much everything about life as we knew it, the U.S. trucking industry was in crisis. An aging workforce quickly became a diminishing work force, as the industry struggled to hire new drivers at a pace commensurate with retiring truckers. Climate change played a significant role pre-pandemic, with erratic … Read more

Upload. Order. Print. One System. Conventional Print & POD

Situation (Challenge) Independent publishers work hand in hand with both authors and printers. One such independent book publisher (who will be referred to as Indie Publisher) has over thirty years’ experience walking authors step‐by‐step through the self‐publishing process – from concept to printed product. When Indie Publisher turns a project over to a printer, they … Read more

Top Book Publishing Trends in 2021

You might have thought 2020 was the year to end all years. A global pandemic, extreme politics, and a crashing economy affected every industry, including book publishing. But the reality is that our industry has been evolving every year — so COVID-19 was really just one more thing in a laundry list of changes and … Read more

2021 Paper Market Predictions

The paper market, like most in 2020, was impacted by the general slowdown in business due to COVID-19. The pandemic forced several additional closures and conversions among paper mills, which will have the long-term effect of reduced capacity. With those changes, and the pickup in demand in the fourth quarter, suppliers of many grades are … Read more